Property development process in Perth

5 Steps to Property Development

1. Investigate and Feasibility

Investigate your options

What does rezoning mean for your site and what council policies apply? What constraints or opportunities exist due to your site’s size, shape and slope? What housing style is most suitable? What are your personal financial goals? These and other questions need to be answered at this stage. To properly investigate all issues and options, it is advisable that a contour and feature survey be undertaken and concept sketches drawn.

Feasibility assessment

This stage is summed up in three words “know your numbers.” Calculating your potential profit means that all numbers from start to finish must be considered including areas such as forecasting end values, selling costs and taxation. To help you with these numbers a complimentary assessment is available as part of Integrity’s “Kick Start Investigation Package” for owners planning a “demolish and build development”. This is the best time to confirm your financing strategy.

Once you are happy with the feasibility it is time to work on the design of your development.

2. Design

At Integrity Developments we have an in-house building designer who works through the design process with you. This means you can be as involved in the project as you want to be. We work with you to custom design your development to achieve your desired design outcome.

Your initial meeting will have you sitting down with our building designer setting goals. You will discuss what things you like and dislike in a development, location of bedrooms and living space and taking into consideration if the development is to live in, rent or sell.

A major factor in the design process is the property’s R-Code as this determines the number of houses that can potentially be built on the block.

We will take away your goals and draw the first concept design. When presenting the first design we will liaise with you to discuss any changes you wish to make, your likes and your dislikes. Taking this into account, we will revise the drawings. This stage may occur a few times depending on the amount of changes required.

Once the concept plan has been approved we build it in 3D, liaising with you to create an elevation to fulfill your vision. When you are happy with the appearance we produce the final design and development approval plans. We are now ready to submit to council.

3. Approvals

If you require a survey strata subdivision prior to construction we will submit your application to the WA Planning Commission (WAPC) once you are happy with the concept plan.

We also submit your DA (development approval) plans to council and we liaise with the council planning officers regarding any required changes. This step is done in consultation with you the client.

When plans have been approved we engage the engineer and energy efficiency consultants. In some situations, especially for apartment developments, other specialist assessments will be obtained e.g. fire safety report. The plans are then updated to reflect the requirements from these consultants.

Building permit plans are then drawn up which include room layouts, electrical plans and any specific requirements that you the owner would like to include.

The last step is to obtain a private building certification before lodging with council to obtain a building permit. This certification means the application will be approved by council more quickly and is better for you the client as you are able to move onto the next step of the project.

4. Pre Build

For a development the pre build is divided into four main stages.

If you require the subdivision to be completed prior to construction, the first stage is to satisfy the various WAPC subdivision conditions including demolition.

The second stage is, pre estimate selections. This is when you decide on the internal specifications and possible upgrades. This is completed with our prestart consultant and will impact the final cost of the project.

The third stage is quoting and contracts. We send out the plans and selections to our trusted contractors for them to provide quotes so we are then able to provide you with a full quote, which is a turnkey price with everything included. Once you are happy with the inclusions in the quote the contract is prepared and signed.

Stage four is finance. At any step during this process you can apply to your financial institution for finance pre-approval for your development. Once we have completed a full quote and you have signed the contract, you can apply for final finance approval. You are now ready for the final stage of the development, construction and handover.

5. Turn Key Construction and Handover

Once your contract is signed and finance is fully approved you are ready for the final step, construction!

On-site we have a dedicated site supervisor who is contactable at any time throughout the build. We have built a team of independent suppliers and contractors allowing you to have the best choice of materials and tradespeople on your development. The knowledge, expertise and craftsmanship of this team is second to none.

From slabs, to roofs, to lock-up and fixing, our team will be with you every step of the way. Turnkey construction means that at the end of the process we hand you the keys to a fully finished development. From beautifully furnished floors to fully reticulated landscaping and even strata titles.

We can also assist with sales or rental of the final product including attending to maintenance six months after handover.

Our goal is to make your project and experience easy, stress free and enjoyable. This has proven to be a strength of Integrity with many of our clients returning to do their second, third and even fourth projects with us or have referred friends.

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