Feature wall or not to feature wall? that is the question

Feature wall or not to feature wall? that is the question


I’ve discovered just how well feature walls can work to maximise the impact of a room.

One of the hardest parts of designing a new or renovated space is picking a colour scheme. There are hundreds of questions to answer. Stick with white or off-white walls or go for something bright and fun and totally out there? Do you want to match the furniture? Contrast it? Or keep everything completely neutral?

I have always loved having white walled rooms that I can add a splash of colour to by using furniture, cushions or even wall hangings.

But recently, I’ve come to appreciate the effect a feature wall can have on a room. Whether it’s a coat of paint, some wallpaper or even using reclaimed wood to make a wall stand out, a feature wall is a great detail to consider when decorating.

So what exactly is a feature wall?

Contrast is a strong tool in the world of decorating and a feature wall is just that – something that differs from the room or other walls in the space. A feature wall can have a different colour (or shade of colour) or be made from a different material. The effect of which, as I have found it, can be quite significant.

So what has changed my mind?

Well, our offices had a little bit of a makeover in the last month or so and boy has it improved the space. I couldn’t believe the difference a subtle wood print wallpaper and some fresh paint made. The room feels warmer, cleaner and even brighter.

Colour palette

If you’re still not sure whether a feature wall is the right design choice for you the best place to start is with your colour palette. Are you going to stick with neutrals? Will you keep everything pastel and add one headline colour? Are you going to go with bold, bright colours and patterns through the whole room?

Patterns and textures

Once you’ve decided your colour palette, then you need to decide whether a pattern or a texture is going to work with the other elements of the room. Do you want a bold feature wall in one bright (or dark) colour that I can match with bed linen, or accessories, or cushions on a sofa? Are you going to keep everything else plain and block coloured and want some texture and pattern to bring some depth to the room? In which case it might be worth considering a patterned wallpaper or some wall decorations like the reclaimed wood above.

Room Feature Wall

Giving a room new life

Even if you are just revamping an old, tired room a feature wall is an inexpensive way to give it new life. Whatever you decide, always make sure to speak to an expert to ensure you are making the right choice for your room and your walls.

Either way, a feature wall is definitely something to consider next time you are looking for a DIY project, planning to redecorate, or preparing interior designs for your new home.

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