Sorting through the study cupboards and there it is – the “New Home File” from Integrity Builders. I can honestly say a smile came across my face, how many people can say they have good memories of building?

Building a Triplex Development was going to be huge commitment. My Dad was getting older, not wanting to leave the area, and he was now on his own. We offered to build him a unit to suit his needs big bathroom wide door openings and all on one level. My husband and I would have a townhouse, and my brother would also have a townhouse. So we began!

December, Christmas time, we are a family of 4; we had been living with my in laws for 6mths. The builder we had selected had let us down, 6mths and not even a decent sketch to show us. Disappointment, anger all the negative emotions this could not be happening again. We had built a family home a few years prior and it was a horror story. At that moment I lost all faith in builders.

I started searching the internet, I found Integrity Builders so I gave them a call. Kevin was FANTASTIC – “come into the office tomorrow”, he said. I couldn’t believe how easy he was to talk to.

The decision to meet with Kevin was the best decision we could have made. It wasn’t long before I was meeting the team. The whole team is approachable, polite and helpful. How many companies have Directors like Kevin and Steve who make you feel so welcome.

I will admit I was a little reserved, as I thought Integrity mainly did developments, where houses are built and then sold. We wanted to develop the block, but we were to live in the houses, these were to be our homes. Was the build going to hold up, was the level of workmanship and finishes in the home going to be good enough with a family of 4 living in one of the houses.

The sketches were drawn up, and I can say they were fantastic! Everything we requested was taken care of. The inclusions were of a high standard. I couldn’t believe it! Skirting boards, alarm and interior painting. Knowing the whole development was going to be “Turn Key” was such a relief.

The price of the houses was more than fair, in fact it was exceptional, and the build time within reason. We signed up and literally sat back and watched 3 homes appear before our eyes.

Our site supervisor was easily reachable and so was anyone in the office. Any questions were answered promptly. One or two minor problems arose, remember we are talking about 3 homes being built, but, I can say with confidence that Integrity always made sure any resolution was in our best interests – how many builders do that.

The project was nearly completed, we were told that people were making enquiries to Integrity to find out if the homes were to be sold, all 3 just looked superb. No way was I selling, I was so happy with how our home had turned out.

We are still here, 4 years later, and the homes still look fabulous.

If I am lucky enough to build for myself again or do a development, I would have absolutely no hesitation in building with Integrity Developments again, or recommending them.