I am writing to you to express our thanks to you and the Integrity team for making the building of our new home such an enjoyable and satisfying process.

This was the first time we had built our own home and as a result, had no first-hand experience about how to go about the process. Thus picking a builder that was willing to work with us during the whole process was critical.

Right from the outset you and the team made us feel very welcome and very comfortable. Nothing was too much trouble and you and the team were always available to meet with us to discuss the best way forward during the planning process.

I found Integrity’s commitment to client service during the building process to be first class.

Charlie did a fantastic job as the building supervisor and would always be available to meet us on-site and take our numerous phone calls during the building process. As you would be aware, we made a number of changes to the design of the house during the building process and each requested change was readily accommodated by Charlie.

Steve, I especially enjoyed dealing with yourself. You always kept us updated on progress and quickly dealt with any queries we had. Any changes to quoted prices resulting from our changed plans were always discussed with us first and we felt very comfortable that each adjustment was “real” and actually reflected the cost of the change.

I remember at one stage talking to you daily during the building process. Nothing was too much trouble and you always promptly and honestly responded to all our queries.

We were very happy with the building process using Integrity and are very happy with the end result. We love our new house and feel very much at home in it.