What to look for when getting a building quote

What to look for when getting a building quote


Getting a quote to build can be a very daunting task. We understandit can be a scary process and talking to builders isn’t the easiest thing in the world, because you probably feel completely out of your depth.

To assist those who are starting the process for the first time, we’ve compiled some tips. We’re going to show you what to look out for when comparing quotes from builders.

While some builders may come in more expensive than others, it’s important to know that they’re not always quoting on the same things.

Pre-build costs

While not every builder includes them in the quote, watch out for costs that occur before you even start building or sign your contract.

These include:

  • Site works (work done to prepare an empty block for building)
  • Getting a Western Power Dome put in or moved
  • Water Corporation fees that come with building on a site
  • NBN allowances (now required on all new sites)
  • Council fees (including verge fees which some builders expect a client to pay up front)
  • Surveyor fees for repeg and set up
  • Stormwater allowances
  • 6-star assessments

You should be aware that some builders don’t do demolition, so if you’re in that camp, you’ll have to work that part out on your own (sorry).

Interior ‘extras’

They are called extras, butthey’re not really extras, because every house will need them in the end. These are things like interior painting, floor finishes, window treatments (blinds etc.), clothes lines, TV antennas, skylights, sliding doors to robes, light fittings, air conditioning, security systems and shower screens. Pretty essential, right? Well, not every builder includes them in the quote, so it’s vital that you are comparing quotes that include everything and not just for a house shell.

Finishing products

Some of the other non-standard things that aren’t always included in a quote from a builder (but can mean the difference between an expensive quote and one that seems reasonable) are the finishing touches.

Products and services that mean the difference between a home you can move into right away and one that won’t be ready for a few weeks after handover. Things like landscaping, paving (does the builder estimate to the council boundary or all the way to the road for the driveway), and fencing.

A final word of advice

While not every builder includes everything mentioned above, not every builder excludes them either. If I can stress anything about the above information, it’s that when you compare builder’s quotes, you have to ensure that you’re comparing the same thing.

If you need any more information on building quotes or you’d like the team at Integrity Developments to quote you on a build, please drop us a line.

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