What’s so good about timber flooring

What’s so good about timber flooring


Well, quite a lot actually.

Like all facets of interior design, the choice of flooringwill have a significant impact on your home. Flooring can affect the aesthetic, functionality and mood of a space just as much as a coat of paint, so it’s important that you choose carefully. For those among you deciding on flooring, it’s hard to look past timber. It’s an absolute classic that has regained a lot of favour in the last couple of decades, despite the saturation of other materials on the market.

When you see the many benefits of timber floors, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular choice.

Let’s have a look at some of them right now.


The main reason behind timber’s resurgence is aesthetics. A well maintained timber floor with its natural grains and colours is a remarkable sight. Other materials can mimic its look, but they fail to capture the texture and appeal of timber.

It’s also never going to go out of style. Trends come and go, but there are certain staples that will always be in fashion. Timber flooring is one of them. Think of it as the clothing equivalent of the colour black.


Compared to carpets, timber floors require very little maintenance to keep them looking great, especially if the floorboards have been sealed. Apart from a regular vacuum or sweep, all you need to do is mop using lukewarm water and a timber-friendly cleaning product (avoid bleach and vinegars because they are highly acidic).

Keeping your floor clean will also have the added benefit of removing allergy particles, which is great if you suffer from hay fever.


After the cost of materials and installation, timber’s price point per square metre comes out higher than carpet, which can put off the home owner who is on a budget. However, regardless of it being initially more expensive, timber is a better investment.

I can hear the clogs turning around in your brain right now. “Isn’t that a complete contradiction?” If you give me a second, I’ll explain why it’s not.

Firstly, installing a timber floor is going to increase the value of your property.

Secondly, even if you look after carpet, it’s still only going to have a shelf life of about 10 years due to stains, holes and shabbiness caused from wear and tear.

Timber floors, on the other hand, will not need to be replaced for at least 20 years. It’s an extremely durable material that stands up to a fair amount of abuse. It is particularly advantageous in areas of high foot traffic, which is why it works so well in the home.

The 20-year lifespan is also only a minimum figure. If you implement a regular maintenance schedule, there’s every chance that the floor will last the rest of your life time.

Now you can see why it’s a better investment.

Environmentally Friendly

There’s no denying timber flooring had a substantial impact on the environment, but the industry has changed,making production a much more sustainable practice. The ways timber is eco-friendly include:

  • Many wood types are from plantations, reducing the demand on natural forests.
  • The industry is heavily regulated by the government to keep the environmental impact to a minimum.
  • Recycled and reclaimed timbers are more widely used.

If you were undecided about timber up to now, hopefully this blog has persuaded you to join the growing number of households with timber floors. We wish you the best of luck with your build or renovation.

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